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DECEMBER 7-9, 2021


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DECEMBER 7-9, 2021


Pastor Obed is marked by his passion and desire to teach God’s people to live passionately and with purpose, to train up leaders to lead the next generation into salvation, and to see the local church spiritually renewed. After a radical encounter with Christ at 16 that marked the beginning of his life transformation, Pastor Obed came home with a passion to serve in the local church and was given the opportunity to join a traveling ministry and become an evangelist, speaking at many churches and conferences throughout the country. During his travels as an evangelist, he obtained a burning desire for preaching and realized he was being prepared to lead and pastor a church of his own. This was the beginning of the dream and vision to start Destiny Church and after much prayer and the blessing of his home church, he and his wife moved to the Coachella Valley to start and create their new vision of an innovative church. Today, they continue to reach a diverse community and live out the mission to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be: living out their true purpose and God-given destiny!


Dr. Harrison is “America’s #1 Increase Authority” and is the founder of Christian Business Leaders International. He is a noted public speaker, best-selling author, self-help guru, investor, and philanthropist. A miraculous turnaround of a near-bankrupt Southern California auto dealership launched him into the speaking arena as leaders craved to learn more about his success strategies. For over thirty years Dr. Harrison has taught at some of the world’s largest success seminars, sharing his valuable strategies with audiences of up to 30,000 people. He has sold over one-million audio programs. Achievers from across the globe gather at his “Increase Events” that are held annually in Hawaii and California. Dr. Harrison holds a Business Management degree from California State University. This was later followed with a masters and a doctorate degree from Life Christian University in Florida. He is a mentor to leaders across the globe and is known worldwide as Dr. Increase™.


Adam is a young revolutionary leader in business. For many years he struggled to get his message and business ideas out into the world. His frustration led him to become a radical student in leadership, social media, and Internet marketing. His ability to combine the best fundamental principles in each category, paved the way for Adam to build his business beyond a million dollars in sales. Although he’s had a lot of success, it wasn’t enough for Adam. His genuine passion and charisma to see people and organizations win in the marketplace has been his driving force to become an expert in his craft. He now spends his time consulting for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the country.

Walter Neil

Walter K. Neil is the President and CEO of Franklin Loan Center, the largest independent mortgage lending company in the Coachella Valley, located in Palm Desert, California. Providing personalized, expert service is a hallmark of Walter’s commitment to the community and, as a leader in the field, frequently provides seminars and educational sessions to the area’s real estate industry on the changing nature of the mortgage business, programs and regulations. Walter has grown Franklin Loan Center from a small mortgage broker company into a thriving regional enterprise spanning the Southern California region—providing clients with the homes they’ve always wanted; serving as a well-regarded leader in the local business community; and as growing a strong organization as a local employer. Mr. Neil graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Business Administration. He is married with three beautiful children (two girls and one boy) which keep him and his wife very busy. 

Jeff T. Osborne

Jeff T. Osborne is a world renowned Speaker, Pastor, Transformational Life Coach, Author and Entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. After Becoming an entrepreneur at a young age Jeff understands the challenges and obstacles that can present itself on the road to success and has developed a desire to see Millennials in the Marketplace succeed. After facing a 16 years to life prison sentence, Jeff has dedicated his life to helping others design a life that is Loud, Large and Loved! He has had the opportunity to speak and train Churches, Presidents, Ivey League Collages attendees, over 600 Government officials, sports teams and Fortune 500 companies. Jeff is a firm believer that in order for true change and success to begin we must first begin transforming who we are from the inside out. In order for this to take place we must define who we are by first deciding who we will not be. Being audacious in our goals and bold with our lives we can design a life full of Love and Legacy. Jeff is married to his high school sweet heart Nadya, and together they are blessed to parent 2 incredible children. Jeff is known for his saying, “If you don’t supersize your dream, you’ll live a Happy Meal life”

Vance Roush

Vance Roush is a Co-Founder & Executive Pastor of Vive Church in Silicon Valley and Co-Founder of Overflow, an online stocks donation platform that helps nonprofits and churches accept donations of publicly-traded stock. Overflow is reinventing modern philanthropy by making it possible to donate stocks directly to nonprofits inspiring generosity through technology by making donations frictionless across every major asset class. He is innovating the future for generous giving and building out of a blessed imagination and heart to serve people. Vance is also a loving husband and father to three beautiful children.

The Necessary Metamorphosis of Transformation


Not Enough
When you are living in your potential, you are NOT living in your purpose. This is your realm of not enough. The Israelites were stuck in their potential when enslaved in Egypt. They were not living in abundance or prosperity, but stuck in a poverty mindset. 


Just Enough

This is where the work happens! There is a pain in the process where you have to shed yourself of the old, be renewed and learn how to fly. This is why you want to go through the pain of shedding off some of your old habits and ways of thinking so that you can take on the mindset of a CEO, the thinking of a billionaire, and tap into your innovation. The Israelites were in process when they were wandering the wilderness. They were learning how to trust and follow God, but living a life of just enough with nothing leftover. Don’t stop here! You can't be a blessing to other people, so you can’t stop here.


More than Enough
This is your Promised Land! You have done the hard work! You have renewed and transformed your mind! You have found your more than enough, because prosperity is ALWAYS found in your purpose! You have the immense joy of living out the destiny that God has put in your heart! You are blessed with an over abundance and you can give generously of your time, talent, and treasures!

If you spend the next three days with us, we have the ability with great teachers, life coaches, and business coaches to turn your potential into a God given destiny.

It’s time to unleash your potential!


How to Get Crystal Clear on Your God Vision That’s Been Inside of You for Years

How to Get the Confidence from Helping Everyone Else Be Successful To Transforming Into Your Own Success

How To Take Action on Your Vision So That You No Longer Procrastinate on Your Goals and Visions

How to Activate Your Imagination and Become Sensitive to God’s Voice so You can Receive Downloads on Your God Given Assignment

How to Take Your Passions and Turn Your Ideas Into a Profitable Business That Impacts Others With Your Gifts

How to Create the CEO Inside of You

How to Develop the Kingdom Mindset Around Money and Success That Will Transform Your Life for You and Those You Love

...and many more God Inspired Ideas and wisdom to unlock your potential!

What Makes Our Event Different?

We deliver KINGDOM MINDED strategy that will give you wisdom when it comes to making key decisions on your ideas and business!

We give you POWERFUL Kingdom business training that you can reference again and again!

At our event we focus on principles that will bring you REAL RESULTS!

What we don’t teach

We don’t teach you basic principles you have heard all your life in Sunday church or wishful thinking, but solid, powerful strategies that pull back the curtain and show you how to access what God has already blessed and promised you:

“Meditate on the Word day and night then you will be prosperous and successful.”
Joshua1:8 NIV

“...I am the LORD your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go.”
Isaiah 48:17 NKJV


Not everyone makes a decision to actually show up unless they are certain it will be worth their time. If that's you, we get it!

We recommend making a decision to be here. Come ready to be inspired, see real life change, and invest in yourself so you can unleash the life that God is calling you to! It will be worth your time Guaranteed!

DECEMBER 7-9, 2021

Sessions at 6-8 PM PST every day